Northeasterners, as a general rule, like to complain that there's no good pizza—and no good Italian food as a whole—to be found south or west of Pennsylvania. But while Greenville Avenue Pizza Company's pizza capably shuts the haters up, offering them delectable pies with crispy crusts and a wide array of fresh toppings, the restaurant's real treat comes with its other piece of Italian perfection. Really: You've got to try this place's meatball sub—like, yesterday. The meatballs on their own are to die for, made from a passed-down-in-the-family recipe, but when smacked within the confines of a lightly toasted roll and topped off with a healthy dose of smoky marinara sauce and gobs of melted cheese, this sucker is last-meal-on-death-row good. Your doctor probably won't recommend it, but we wholeheartedly do. And for an added artery-clogging delight, we suggest you get yours with a side of Alfredo sauce to dip it in.

Location Details

1923 Greenville Ave.
Dallas TX 75206


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