After successful endeavors in Houston and Austin, Perry's (not to be confused with The Place at Perry's) finally found its way to Dallas in April, adding yet another upscale steakhouse to a crowded market, not to mention another restaurant named Perry's. While we've found plenty of reasons to dine at Perry's regularly, no menu item has us coming back as often as its turtle soup, which is hard to find anywhere, much less a bowl this tasty. For those unfamiliar with the delicacy, turtle soup is indeed made with the flesh from turtles—in Perry's case, farm-raised snapping turtles from Louisiana. (Who knew Cajun turtles tasted so good?) Prepared in a tomato base, this soup is worth recommending to anyone without a PETA membership card, and for those riding the fence, it's served with dry sherry on the side to ensure you'll get buzzed while taking the plunge.

Location Details

2000 McKinney Ave.
Dallas TX 75201


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