If you haven't noticed, Dallas Observer's food blog, City of Ate, has a whole feature dedicated to food delivery service called How 'Bout Them Knockers. So we know Dallas food delivery drivers well. Usually when we order takeout, it's because we want to pretend we're suffering from agoraphobia, but when Kevin from Sol's Taco Lounge delivers our food, we have no problem walking outside to greet him. Hell, we even let our nachos get cold one time while having a conversation with him about the weather. And if he's lost or running behind, he'll call and let you know. Believe it or not, not every delivery driver does that. We speak from experience. Kevin is also the friendly and patient voice on the phone when you call to place your order. So, you can expect great service from Sol's when Kevin is involved, from the second you pick up the phone until the moment your food arrives at your doorstep.

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2626 Commerce St.
Dallas TX 75226


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