Don't kiss behind the garden gate, love is blind but the neighbors ain't. Don't know if Garden Gate owners Junior and Maria Villanueva had this childhood rhyme in mind when they named their Uptown floral shop and located it in a charming two-story Victorian house behind a white picket fence. But the warning seems apt. It's a very short fence, and the house offers lovers and other strangers a beautiful assortment of arranged and stemmed flowers, as well as knickknacks, stuffed animals, glassware and other gift items. Garden Gate does big-ticket arrangements for special events, weddings, Sunday church, the opera and charitable brouhahas. But it never seems to lose its feel for the little guy—the husband who pissed off his wife right before he left for work or the boss who wants to get his administrative assistant something special for her special day (Administrative Professionals Day: April 27, 2011, in case you missed it this year). Garden Gate is made even more hospitable by shop dog Peddles, who greets all visitors with the same wag of the tail.

Location Details

2615 Routh St.
Dallas TX 75201


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