Best Health Food Store That No Longer Sells Health Food (2010)

Sundrops Vitamins and Nutrition Store

This August, Dallas mourned the passing of its oldest and most iconic health food store with the closing of Roy's Nutrition Center in Preston Royal Village, caused by the retirement of founding guru Roy Beard, who put terms like wheat germ and bean sprouts in the vocabulary of folks in these here parts. So what does that leave? Whole Foods, the mega-giant health food store whose bigness in size, number and price, seems to defy human scale. Whole Foods does have the Whole enchilada, from organic produce to grass-fed beef to vitamins and nutritional supplements. But it's in this last category that we must defer to a David facing this Goliath. Remember Sundrops on Oak Lawn? You've probably been there at some time or another over the last 35 years. Owner Mark Herrin has kept the thing going since its infancy, and along with other nutritionists and a dietician, will dispense vitamins, supplements and advice for the ills that haunt modern man and woman. Sans café for the last 10 years, there is no produce and no overabundant salad bar, just a high-quality array of substances as well as counseling from those officially versed in the complexities of nutrition. They can recommend stuff to get your diet supplemented, your bones moving and your metabolism off slow burn. Sundrops offers a "30 Minute Free Nutrition Consult" with a professional nutritionist. And in an era where personal service means do-it-yourself, the small, intimate store is a rarity and a gift.

Location Details

3920 Oak Lawn Ave.
Dallas TX 75219


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