If your roommate leaves one more—just one more—nasty dish in the sink for days on end, you are outta there. And the neighbor's yippy, persnickity dog? Yeah, he could take a night off every once in a while, and you wouldn't complain. But let's be real: The process of finding a new apartment often seems as bad as putting up with whatever's wrong with your current pad. Craigslist is a slog, and who has time to spend a Saturday getting mostly ignored by bored apartment managers? The easy solution: Wendy Lacy at Classic Lofts and Spaces. With nary a hint of smarmy salesmanship, Lacy listens to her clients' needs and finds three or four fitting properties that can be viewed in just a couple of hours—over lunch, maybe, or before a dinner date. She'll whisk you away from properties that don't promptly deliver on their promises and only takes a cut when you rent something she's shown you. Lacy wants her clients to find homes, not just places to crash until something better comes along, and her no-nonsense candor shows it.

Location Details

300 N. Akard St.
Dallas TX 75202


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