Best Teacher of Things Crafty (2010)

Make Shop & Studio

What is it with you people in North Oak Cliff and all your slow-living, community-gardening, bike-friendly, pet-friendly, do-it-yourself selves? Don't you want to buy Chinese like the rest of us? Don't you want the instant gratification that comes with going over your credit card limit? No, these Bishop Arts types are looking for actual meaning in their lives, and they are turning to places like Make Shop & Studio to find it. Here, they can create in Make's modern craft lounge, taking classes in sewing, screen printing, glass etching, stamp making, silk painting, felt rug design or anything the right side of their brain can conjure up. And much like eating only what you kill, you can sell what you make in Make's boutique, where dozens of "designers and crafters and makers" are featured. It's all just so damn, how can we say this...Austin.

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Location Details

313 N. Bishop Ave.
Dallas TX 75208


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