Best Decision-Maker (2010)

Jon Daniels, Texas Rangers

Vladimir Guerrero. Cliff Lee. Colby Lewis. Need we go on? It's been a long road for the Texas Rangers general manager to make it from 20-something punch line to savvy veteran brainiac. But, what do ya know, here he is. The same guy who traded Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez to the San Diego Padres for Adam Eaton and who dealt John Danks to the Chicago White Sox for Brandon McCarthy is suddenly giving his team a competitive advantage with his crafty maneuvering. Because of Jon Daniels, the Rangers have the best farm system in baseball. His deal that netted the Rangers Elvis Andrus and Neftali Feliz for Mark Teixeira remains one of the best trades in metroplex sports history. Daniels has taken a beating. Time for him to take a bow. Or two.


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