Best Reason That Less is Indeed More (2010)

Dallas Desire

Go to a Dallas Desire game ready to criticize the lack of tackling and the small crowds and the void of hard hits and, before you can say "Hey, this ain't real..." you'll get a shut-your-mouthful of, well, let's be  honest, tits 'n' ass. Past the skin there is also some decent, full-contact football as the Desire advanced to the Lingerie Football League's semifinals last year. But, come on, let's be honest. The attraction to the Desire, which graduated from Grand Prairie's Quick Trip Park to the Cotton Bowl, is that the players wear tiny, curve-hugging, bun-exposing panties and provocative bras, accented by what amounts to downsized shoulder pads and hockey helmets. There is cleavage. There are catcalls. And when the centers bend over to snap the ball between their legs, there is little left to the imagination. Here's to fantasy football.


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