Best Scandal Redemption (2010)

Ron Washington, Texas Rangers

Just when Ron Washington appeared on the fast track out of Arlington after disappointing seasons in his first two years as manager, Wash saved his job by leading the Rangers to a surprising 87 wins last year, but we learned in March that he tested positive for cocaine while doing so. Despite the implausible claim that it was his only time trying it and his subsequent admission to taking amphetamines as a major-league player and smoking pot in the minors, management stuck with him and somehow the label as a druggie never did. The issue fizzled quickly and now that Texas is headed toward its first playoff appearance in more than a decade, Wash's name is being tossed around as a candidate for the league's manager of the year, which seemed impossible for a guy who spent nine months in outpatient counseling as a result of testing positive for an illegal drug.


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