"Mixologist" has always seemed such a pretentious term. Bartender wasn't good enough? Did a bunch of drink-slingers attend a doctoral program in mixology at Johns Hopkins? Pfft. At least we used to think that way until we met Gabe Sanchez, owner of Black Swan Saloon and winner of two other "bests" in this issue — for introducing pickle shots to the city and creating his watermelon-infused vodka and club soda. Mixologist? How about "alcohological alchemist?" With its large glass jars of house-made fruit and veggie infusions, Sanchez's narrow, woody saloon, tucked on a Deep Ellum street corner, has the vibe of a medieval chemist's lab (a very cool, inviting lab). Tell him how your tastes run, and he'll whip out various liquids, infusions, ice cream, pixie dust, whatever and whip up something you've never had before but realize you've been hankering for all along. Alchemists searched vainly for the secret to turning dross into gold, but Sanchez has found something better: the recipes for liquid happiness. (Philospher's stone would make an excellent drink name, by the way.)

Location Details

2708 Elm St.
Dallas TX 75226


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