This award has become synonymous with Adair's – the broken-in dance floor, the burger, the flair cluttering every possible space on the wall. It's local; it's loved; it's fantastic. We'd never argue otherwise. But since we've told you about Adair's every year for, like, forever, this year we decided to change up the equation and cast the honky-tonk net far and wide, all the way to Fort Worth. If you figure the ratio of dance-floor square footage to distance from Dallas, Billy Bob's is practically in your backyard, or something. But honestly, the place that bills itself as the world's largest honky tonk is a sight to behold. Every seen a saddle that's a disco ball? Go to Billy Bob's. Want to see the best country concerts? Billy Bob's. Crave an order of righteous fried pickles? Yeah, Billy Bob's. It's a special occasion honky tonk, the Six Flags of country bars, and every two-steppin' Texan worth his or her cowboy boots should make the drive at least once to drink a Shiner in what feels like the most spectacular Western movie set.

Location Details

2520 Rodeo Plaza
Fort Worth TX 76164


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