Best Overheard Conversations (2011)

Lakewood Landing

Over the course of one night spent bouncing between the indoor tables and the patio of the Lakewood Landing, we overheard the following conversations: a girl weighing the pros and cons of various birth control (she knew that shit like she'd auditioned for the latest Ortho-Vaginale commercial), a guy lamenting how messy his roommate's "bike room" was (We're jealous. Who can spare an entire room for bike storage?), a group of duders besting one another on their knowledge of Argentina (yes, a girl was involved and no, she was not interested) and a proposed sugar-cookie eating contest. OK, fine, there's a large chance we were actually involved in that last one. Point is, the Landing may always be a great place to catch up with friends, but it's also a fantastic place to go to forget about your own troubles and focus on someone else's.

Location Details

5818 Live Oak St.
Dallas TX 75214


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