Can $2 margaritas ever be a bad thing? We'd like to think not. Sure, for that price there's no guarantee that your frozen tequila beverage won't be too watery, sugary, tart or florescent green, but hey, it's $2 and for a few bucks you're guaranteed at least some kind of tequila-induced buzz. So, you can imagine our delight when we discovered a $2 margarita that was actually pretty darn great. Every Sunday and Monday after 4 p.m., Mario Sabino's Mexican & Salvadoran Restaurant on Lemmon serves $2 house margs. They offer the choice between frozen or on the rocks, and we recommend one of each. The margaritas are especially great with their complimentary chips, bean dip and salsa.

Location Details

5404 Lemmon Ave.
Dallas TX 75209


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