When it comes to Chicago-style dogs, Eddie knows his stuff. The Chicago native was sick and tired of not getting a good hot dog here in town after he made the move from the Windy City to Dallas. He drove to Arlington and back in his quest for the perfect dog, but alas, he couldn't find one. It was his dad who finally prompted him to start his own hot-dog joint. The tiny shop is located at the intersection of Northwest Highway and Abrams Road, and can be spotted by its red and yellow Vienna beef umbrella out front. The dogs are as authentic as it gets, made from Vienna beef, sandwiched between a poppy seed bun and topped with relish, tomatoes, mustard, hot peppers and pickles. And while $4.50 may seem expensive for a hot dog, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than a plane ride to Chicago.

Location Details

5844 Abrams Rd.
Dallas TX 75231


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