We know. Taverna, right? No? Nonna, then. Or Daniele Osteria? Oh, right, it's changed hands. Note to self: We should go back. Though, to be honest, we're true believers in making our own, which is why we were going to say Jimmy's Food Store. They've already made the meatballs; the lobster ravioli's in the freezer; the best tomato sauce in the world's sitting on shelves; the cannoli's ready to serve. Just grab the wine and go. The hard part's been ... wait, there is no hard part. But, look, we natives go to Campisi's. That's the way it is. Our grandfather ate here; our dad ate here; we eat here; our kids'll eat here. And we mean the Mockingbird original, incidentally, not one of the suburban spin-offs. Good Italian eateries come and go; this town's littered with the ghosts of Best Italian Restaurant award-winners. But the crab claws and Randy White ravioli live forever. And don't you dare say a friggin' bad word about the pizza. You must be from out of town.

Location Details

5610 E. Mockingbird Lanene
Dallas TX 75026


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