The best pizza in Dallas isn't a pizzeria, but a specific pie. Jay Jerrier's much beloved pizza has won almost unanimous praise from Dallas pizza freaks with only a few complaining about soggy crust. Neapolitan style crust is notoriously delicate and appreciated best when it's not heavily assaulted with sauce and embellishments. Unfortunately, locals prefer heavy-handed pizza topping, resulting in a round which might be better described as Texapolitan pie. Not so with Cane Rosso's Regina Margherita, which places quality above quantity, leveraging mozzerella di bufala instead of the restaurant's regular cow's milk cheese. The buffalo version is richer, more dense and has less water content, which protects from a soggy crust. It's really the best way to let Dallas' top pizza shine.

Location Details

2612 Commerce St.
Dallas TX 75226


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