Best Place To Get a Flat (2011)

West Davis Street in Oak Cliff

With a tire shop on seemingly every block, West Davis Street in North Oak Cliff is the place to be if you have a knack for predicting a blowout. Chances are you'll be close enough to a garage that you won't even have to mess with a spare. Some of them are cash-only, but as long as you can fish $20 from your wallet you'll probably be good if you don't mind settling for a used tire. Yeah, there may not be a 60,000-mile warranty, but you've got the peace of mind that comes from knowing you could replace the tire four or more times before you reach the price of one new tire at a national chain. We've heard some of the white yuppies new to the area gripe about the preponderance of such garages — which are mostly Hispanic-owned — as "eyesores," which strikes us as nauseatingly classist, if not downright racist. We think they're vital neighborhood employers serving those who can't drop a couple Benjamins every time a tire starts to go bald.


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