Best Boost for Dallas Pride (2012)


It had us at the opening theme music. As the camera swooped in for its first shot of Southfork Ranch and then the rising towers of downtown Dallas, we were happy to go along for the ride — again — with the feuding Ewings. The new Dallas series on cable's TNT has sucked us right back into its vortex of sex and villainy with its next generation of young millionaires: John Ross (played by Josh Henderson) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalf). They're still fighting about fossil fuels. Only this time, the hero, Christopher, is the environmental crusader; John Ross is the fracking evildoer. Looming over all the plot twists, as usual, is Dallas' eyebrow-twitching Lord Voldemort, J.R., played as ever by Larry Hagman, who grows younger and more amusingly maniacal each week. Brother Bobby (Patrick Duffy, television's greatest whisper-actor) is still trying to save Southfork from developers. J.R.'s ex-wife Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) is off the sauce and into politics. She may be the next governor of Texas. That's all fine by us. After a 21-year break, Dallas has roared back to life and we approve. New episodes start up again in January.


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