Best Talk Radio Show (2012)

BaD Radio, KTCK-AM 1310 The Ticket

It's difficult to single out the best talk radio show in Dallas, let alone on The Ticket. Each of the station's shows has its own appeal, avoiding sports-talk-at-all-costs for funny bits and raunchy laughs. The show in the mid-afternoon slot, BaD Radio, takes the most high-brow approach to its humor. The complex dynamic between Bob "The Sturminator" Sturm (a highly moral, Sunday school-attending sports super-genius), his foil Dan McDowell (a porn-loving vegetarian) and Donovan Lewis (the guy who introduced most of Dallas to "The Upper Decker") yields brilliant results every afternoon. OK, so maybe it's not all that high-brow. But, they do occasionally talk sports. After all, Sturm wrote a book about Dirk Nowitzki in a week.


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