Best Place to Relive Frat Days (2012)

Katy Trail Ice House

So you're all grown up. You're a few years out of college and climbing the professional ladder. Maybe you even have a wife. Still, from time to time you can't help but yearn for the days of popped collars and keg stands and stumbling to class on no sleep and reeking of cheap whiskey. That's where the Katy Trail Ice House comes in. Sure, it gets points for its enormous shaded patio and beer glasses the size of a donkey's head, but it's the atmosphere that makes it unique. Nowhere else in Dallas captures the fuck-the-world casualness of a Friday night in college: just getting together with some bros, kicking back some donkey-head-sized brewskis and welcoming the weekend by punishing your liver. Keg stands, alas, are discouraged.

Location Details

3127 Routh St.
Dallas TX 75201


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