Best Beer Event (That the Observer Didn't Throw) (2012)

Big Texas Beer Fest

It's impossible to top Dallas BrewFest or last year's Brew at the Zoo, though we may be a tad biased. So as far as beer events in which we don't have an interest, the April 14 Big Texas Beer Fest was our favorite by a long shot. It brought dozens of breweries and thousands of happy beer drinkers to Fair Park at a very reasonable price. Especially heartening was the sight of long lines for the great Texas beers (many of which are otherwise unavailable in Dallas) and that the Blue Moon booth and those of other faux craft brewers were all but ignored. Rowdy drinkin' music from The O's and Fish Fry Bingo added to the festivities. There were a few hiccups (aside from the hiccups caused by overindulgence), such as the waiting time to get in and too few food trucks to sate the huge crowd's hunger. But overall, organizers Chad and Nellie Montgomery did a fantastic job and likely will smooth over whatever is in their power to correct. The next one should be even better.


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