There's something sexy about a man launching a child off his shoulders in a swimming pool. If that child is dressed like a superhero or princess, your womb will actually quiver. The scientific phenomenon is one that even women who don't want kids are unable to resist. It's primal: You see the man as someone who can accept responsibility, probably has a job and can almost certainly make you a grilled cheese sandwich or pancakes with smiley faces on them. Hot. To find single dads in the wild, it's best to go to their natural environment, the watering hole. Every weekend the F.O.E. becomes the best of joint custody. Here you'll see tattooed papa types playing "shark in the pool" and floating children around on inflated rafts shaped like fish. You sit poolside, sipping a bevie, watching lady porn at its finest. Ain't life grand?

Location Details

8500 Arturo Dr.
Dallas TX 75228


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