You can't get work done at your house. Your dog and Netflix subscription are constantly jockeying for your attention, luring you into a state of nap-time entropy. You have to venture out. At Murray Street you get what you need and more: an abundance of surge protectors for your electronics, good music played at not overly aggressive volumes, great coffee, delicious healthy food and an impossibly friendly staff. It wouldn't occur to them to give you the stink eye for staying all afternoon; they like it when you better yourself. With three tiers of naturally lit chill zones, peppered with modular furniture, you can choose whether to sit in a more communal, chatty space or a quiet remote corner. The best part? It's rare that you'll walk into a distracting night of singer/songwriter mayhem, which all remote workers know is like someone holding a drill to your head as you try to concentrate.

Location Details

103 Murray St.
Dallas TX 75226


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