Nasher Xchange

While we know the investment for the Nasher's citywide public art project stretches into the multi-millions, the return's potential is limitless. Dallas art is at an interesting tipping point where arts institutions, artists, others in the creative swarm and city officials have all decided that we are, in fact, doing this thing. The problem with that is that the general public is less motivated because the arts haven't been an active part of their lives until now. Art has been something families would have to plan a day around and pay for, like going to the zoo. Well, that's over. The Nasher's knocked down the zoo walls and sent out 10 specially commissioned pieces of public art by locally and internationally recognized talent into the Dallas wild. From October 19 to February 16, the Nasher presents the largest public art offering ever presented by a museum, anywhere. That means you'll inevitably run into art. You'll see it, Instagram it, tweet it and Facebook it. You'll tag a friend in front of it and by doing so, you'll put art in front of your entire social network. This trickles out. Others seek the piece of art they saw on your feed and soon, art becomes a citywide scavenger hunt in which individuals hunt and interact with artwork outside of the walls of a formal institution. Those acts stick with us. They increase community arts awareness and spur curiosity. The Nasher's Xchange program will be integral to closing the gap between audience demand and art supply.


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