Central Track

"We don't read newspapers any more. Do you? No way," begins Central Track's "About" section. It would hurt our feelings if we believed it. But former Dallas Observer music editor Pete Freedman and his staff of freelancers are obviously keeping up with Dallas culture, fashion, nightlife and, of course, music news, whether they're getting ink on their hands from the dead-tree versions or not. Presented in an attractive side-scrolling format meant to mimic the pages of a magazine, the blog is mostly unapologetic Dallas boosterism with light, fun features such as taste-testing $4 wines, asking bands about their vans and culling Yelp reviews of local strip clubs. Their enthusiasm for Big D is almost contagious, especially in the "100 Things to Do in Dallas Before You Die" list. Even the occasional bit of criticism comes off as simply wanting the city to live up to what the site's 18- to 35-year-old demographic wants it to be.


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