The best way to assure you'll get good fried chicken is to order it from a place that does little else. Henderson on Abrams Road is just this type of takeout chicken joint. The menu may look large, but it really just offers an endless array of chicken parts, assembled in two-piece, three-piece and other-piece combinations. While rookie fry shacks serve up chicken with greasy crusts that drip with oil before they slough off with one bite, the chicken at Henderson has integrity. The skin stays attached to the meat until your teeth say it's time to let go, and it's rich but not excessively greasy. Make sure you get some of the pickled whole jalapeños. Prick one with a fork and squeeze the vinegary brine that's inside all over your cardboard basket full of golden brown deliciousness. There's no better condiment for fried.

Location Details

8266 Abrams Rd.
Dallas TX 75231


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