Everything about Stratos lets you know that you're in for something that is over the top. The building that holds the restaurant is massive and wrought iron gates painted in sky bird blue jump out from the white exterior walls. The website for the restaurant fills your office with festive music while you check out the menu, and there's just as many special events to choose from as there is food. The meat lovers' gyro is fitting considering the scale of the restaurant. Order one, and the resulting pile of gyro meat served on buttery bread will have you set for at least a day or two. Be careful how much food you commit too, though, because as the night wears on you might be forced to get up and move. The place is overrun with belly dancers and with DJs spinning until 2 a.m. Greeks know how to party. You should think about joining them.

Location Details

2907 W. NW Highway
Dallas TX 75220


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