If you're expecting red-check tablecloths, you should know that Café Urbano's Italian cooking is anything but traditional. This is the un-Italian Italian restaurant, and the dishes are all the better for it. You can get an amazing Bolognese if that's what you're craving, but there are other items on the menu that will challenge your perceptions of what dishes belong on an Italian restaurant's menu. Take the caprese s'mores, which turn a boring and clichéd dish into a fun, oozing grilled cheese sandwich. Or how about the mussels with the surprising addition of chorizo alongside the expected basil and garlic? There's a Hawaiian ceviche, which seems odd, but then a Caesar salad will assure you you're in an unforgettable and creative restaurant with deep Italian roots.

Location Details

1410 N. Fitzhugh Ave.
Dallas TX 75204


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