That old problem: Which sounds better, an order of queso, some quesadillas or a plate of nachos? If you can't figure out which Tex-Mex appetizer you'd like to munch on with your first margarita after a chaotic day at the office, Ojeda's has you covered. The botanas platter has every cheese-filled and fried finger food imaginable; a pile of nachos, a few chicken flautas, some amazing stuffed jalapeños, traditional chicken quesadillas, a cup of chile con queso and a scoop of guacamole — all served on one large plate. For $15 you can provide appetizers for happy hour with friends or the entire family, or simply make a meal out of it, but we don't recommend the latter unless you're training for a professional eating competition.

Location Details

4617 Maple Ave.
Dallas TX 75219-1002


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