Chennai Café

It's a hike from Dallas, but it's worth the trip to find what is undoubtedly the best vegetarian restaurant in the area. Chennai's dals, vegetable curries and chutneys are delicious, and their South Indian menu promises an almost endless array of vegetarian choices. Don't miss the masala dosa. It's stuffed with potatoes, onions and cashews, yellowed with turmeric and flavored with mustard seeds. The crepe is big enough to cover your table and it's incredibly cheap. The uthappam, idli and other breads are affordable too, and they won't send you home hungry. The best value is the thali, which provides no fewer than 10 vegetarian dishes and a massive bowl of rice to soak them up. And because every vegetarian friend has at least one carnivorous friend there are curries made with meat that are outstanding here. Everyone is happy at Chennai — especially your belly. Besides, you were never going to convert your friend, anyway.

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Location Details

5024 Tennyson Parkway
Plano TX 75024


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