TX Canning

Deep Ellum Brewing Co. founder John Reardon was ahead of the craft-beer curve in Dallas, creating the first in a wave of new breweries in the city limits of Big D. With his new venture, he and DEBC event planner Zack Fickey are once again reading the hop leaves to foresee the future of craft beer. Canned beer is becoming respectable and even preferred in some cases for the kind of earth-conscious brewers and consumers responsible for the craft-beer business boom. Cans are lighter and have less of a carbon footprint; they are more portable; and they preserve beer better by keeping out the damaging sunlight and oxygen that can leak into bottles. But rather than simply buy a canning line for DEBC, Reardon and Fickey created a new venture, a mobile canning service that can serve their own brewery as well as other small breweries popping up around town such as Denton's Armadillo Ale Works. We raise a can (and then shotgun it) to the North Texas brewing community working together.


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