Dallas' best-kept shopping secret is perched atop Bolsa. The charming little millinery boutique is the last of its kind, harkening back to an era when folks dressed to leave their homes and hats were staples rather than luxuries. House of MacGregor is the hand-sewn brainchild of Cassie MacGregor, a sparkly eyed girl with a massive smile who's determined to beautify the world around her, one hat at a time. She studied her niche textile path in New York, working with designers and creating her own looks. When she moved back to Dallas five years ago, she took the plunge and opened Dallas' only shop working exclusively with hats. Now this adorable atelier is a mandatory visit for any discerning Derby-goer, but it's also the perfect spot for everyday retail therapy. Sure, you can buy any hat in the shop and Mrs. MacGregor will size it for you, but she'll also design your new look from scratch if you're searching for something uniquely you. Call ahead, book a visit, then celebrate life's excesses through headgear.

Location Details

614 W. Davis St.
Dallas TX 75211


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