We take home decoration for granted. And in the hierarchy of needs we certainly view furniture, decor and other domestic niceties as luxuries. But just imagine the feeling of walking into a room of crates and mattresses on the floor verses a room with an actual bed, a lamp to read by and a blanket to comfort you. The first feels temporary, the latter feels safe, permanent and like something that you'd be proud of. That's why Dwell With Dignity works so diligently to turn apartments for families transitioning out of homelessness into actual homes. They gather gently damaged or donated wares from reputable designers and showrooms, paint the places and even fill the cupboards with food. Dwell With Dignity is more than an interior design nonprofit for those in need; it's a reminder that we all deserve a little supportive comfort.

Location Details

3112 Hood St.
Dallas TX 75219


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