There is no better judge of a garden store than a first-time homeowner, who needs everything and knows nothing. In Dallas, there's no better place for a first-timer than North Haven Gardens. The sprawling garden center has enough acreage to carry everything from basic backyard building blocks (soil, fertilizer, keg-sized buckets) to exotic plants and even some weird things they call veg-et-a-bles. There's plenty of space to maneuver and hunt on your own, but a friendly and knowledgeable staffer is always lurking just behind the corn gluten, ready to pretend your super-dumb questions aren't dumb. If there's something they don't know or can't do, just ask them to break open their binder full of contractors: After 51 years in business, they probably know a guy, and the guy's probably pretty good.

Location Details

7700 Northaven Rd.
Dallas TX 75230


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