The "... and Dallas Home Brew" part of the name may make it seem like homebrewing supplies take a backseat to the needs of amateur vintners. Could be true, or at least that could be what most local homebrewers think. Whatever the case, we were recently looking for a few ounces of Nelson Sauvin hops, a relatively scarce New Zealand variety, and the guys at our usual go-to spot just shook their heads wistfully when we asked. But one visit to The Winemaker's Toy Store later, we had more than we needed and left some behind, too. If you're looking for a hard-to-find specialty ingredient or piece of equipment and come up empty at Homebrew Headquarters, there's a good chance it hasn't been snatched up yet at this sleeper store.

Location Details

1500 N. I-35E
Carrollton TX 75006


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