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Best Camping Equipment Dallas 2000 - REI Store

REI Store

REI Store

4515 LBJ Freeway

Dallas, TX 75244


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Readers' Choice: REI
Whether it's a day pack from JanSport or those Brunton Eterna 8x25 waterproof compact binoculars you need, you'll find it at REI. (Good heavens, we've become advertising copywriters. "If you didn't buy at REI, ask yourself, WHY?!?!") Still, REI makes us feel less tethered to air-conditioning as soon as we walk in. All the equipment, info, maps, and expert advice you need to go camping, bear killing, whatever your outdoor pleasure. Even if you have no other use for that Moss Hooped Outland tent--"the best four-season, solo shelter available, featuring uncompromising strength, generous headroom, and great ventilation"--than setting it up in the back yard and watching your daughter have a tea party in it, well, you should still buy it at REI. At least the salespeople will think you're a real outdoorsman.

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Camping is one of my very favorite things to do. I can't wait to be able to go camping again this summer. It would be really nice if I could get the right equipment before it gets to warm. I would really like to make sure that I have the best possible camping supplies. I want to make sure that I am prepared just in case anything happens.


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