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Best dry cleaners Dallas 2000 - Dee & Hattie Cleaners

It pains us to write about this subject. For the last three years, every "Best of Dallas" winner in this category, as soon as it receives this accolade, has had its service go from exemplary to downright unpredictable. It's almost as if some sort of curse is attached. With this in mind, we want to state that we wish no ill on Dee & Hattie Cleaners. We wish them well for all the personal and friendly service they have provided their customers. We wish them success for the fine quality of dry cleaning they provide. Most of all, we wish that they can continue to get the mustard stains out of our shirts.
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I went to Dee & Hattie after reading an article in the Daily Candy who claimed they are the dry cleaners to be trusted in Dallas for your high-end clothing. So, I brought my designer and couture clothing to Dee & Hattie and they stood by their status for a little over 2 years. After paying my loyalty for the past 2 years, their cleaning quality and customer service has dropped to the nastiest pit. I have lost my trust in this company. I brought a nice pristine white blazer for them to dry clean and they destroyed it. Not only did the white blazer turn dark gray but they also ended up washing the jacket (without my consent), which made it shrink. Imagine having your white bridal gown rolled in blood.

The upsetting point is Dee & Hattie claims it is not their fault in damaging the blazer and pushed the blame on the designer's choice in choosing poor material, which cause the bleeding of the leather trim. What type of BS is that? How can Dee & Hattie run an HONEST business and not admit to their mistake. How can you run a dry cleaning business and not know how to clean items with care? Do you ever see a doctor perform surgery with a kitchen butter knife! If you do, they are put behind bars.

I ended up calling the designer of the blazer and they have confirmed that there has been no recalls or returns of the jacket bleeding. Again, DEE & HATTIE lies to their customers and cannot admit to their wrong actions. At the end, Dee & Hattie voided the fact that I have been a loyal for two years and will not reimburse me for the blazer. Please do not follow my route and experience the nightmare at DEE & HATTIE that has lasted for almost 4 months. They are worst than Bibbentuckers.

For those of you who love and care for your clothing, I advise you to go to Swiss Cleaners on Mockingbird lane instead. The charge the same price and the place is owned by a sweet family. Plus they use a GreenEarth Cleaning system!


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