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Best kids' haircut Dallas 2000 - Stride Rite (ask for Ginger in the back)

Two career families, already over-scheduled to the max with kids' activities, will find they can cross at least two items off their checklist if they visit the Stride-Rite Shoe Store in Preston Center. Not only can they select from a large variety of kids' shoes--from sandals to hiking boots--they can saunter into the back, where they'll get a decent, no-hassles kids' haircut. Yes, there are many juvenile haircutteries popping up around town, but they have so many toys, tapes, and play-spaces that kids get overstimulated, unable to keep their butts in the chair for very long. At Stride-Rite, Ginger is especially sought after by kids of all ages for her quick scissors, calm demeanor, and deft ability to keep squirming toddlers still by loading them down with lollipops.

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Floyd's!!! For a cool, hip, kid cut...go to Floyd's! The stylists are cool and patient and the shop features a pool table (which my kids insist on playing with before we can leave).


I agree that the kids hair salon at Stride Rite is a good place to get hair cuts for kids but I have to say that I have gotten consistently bad service at the shoe store. My kids have gottent sized wrong, been sold defective shoes and the customer service when I have tried to have the mistake corrected is downright rude. Shame on me for going back one time too many but it won't happen again. They have lost my business.


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