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Best neighborhood Dallas 2000 - Little Forest Hills

Readers' Choice: Lakewood

A secret, a jewel, a hidden paradise: Around Lakeland and Ferguson Road in East Dallas, downhill from the grand manses of Forest Hills, Little Forest Hills is a quirky, delightful architectural m?lange that looks as if it were spun of Berkeley, Seaside, Charlevoix, and an all-cousin East Texas trailer park. Built long ago as summer cottages for city dwellers, the idiosyncratic little hand-built houses were all throwaways 15 years ago. Now hip people are coming in and giving many of them a very cool flair to be found nowhere else in the city. Two shady creeks and even a little-known summer camp hidden in the bottom of a hollow make this a refuge where you can forget you even know about the rest of the city.

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Jim Holbert
Jim Holbert

Remember the best "neighborhood" in Dallas a while back. Little Forest Hills ??The developers are ravaging it with McMansions.We are attempting to have it designated a Conservation District, but the developers are putting out so much misinformation that the residents are spinning in circles.The city has continued to move the goalposts, re-interpret the codes and kick it down the road so everyone gets completely frustrated about it and doesn't want to deal with it.The new Councilman for our district is Sheffie Kadane, he has said unless 70% of the neighbors want it, he'l side with the developers. HELP.Little Forest Hills is going to be the next 'M' street, with cheap big face houses.Please call and look into it yourself.We need some help.Jim Holbert214-324-7398469-585-1588


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