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Best Bar to Remember Greatness Dallas 2001 - Lakewood Landing

Lakewood Landing

Lakewood Landing

5818 Live Oak St.

Dallas, TX 75214


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A Dallas institution passed this year, but that's no reason to avoid partaking at this venerable East Dallas institution. In fact, you should go to pay your tribute to its longtime, beehived waitress queen, Lucille Mathews. For more than 30 years, Lucille brought drinks and more than a few smiles to regulars and first-timers alike, treating most patrons with more care and concern than is found in many families these days. Example: When one customer went on a 12-week diet that did not allow alcohol, Lucille would make a pitcher of tea for him as soon as he entered. She was a woman who loved the energy and smoke and life of a good bar, and the Landing is one of the best bars. Go, lift a glass, toast her image and memory. Then do so again. Lucille would have wanted it that way.
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It's been 10 years since Lucille past in Sept. of 2001. Her funeral was the weekend right before 9/11. It's time to revisit the Landing and celebrate our good friend Lucille Mathews. I will be starting a facebook page for her with more detail to come. Time to rally!


Just curious if you ever made the Facebook page.  Lucille was My step-mother.  She was married to my father, Fred Mathews, in 1969 or so.  They divorced a few years latter.  She was such a sweet lady.  


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