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Best Kids' Shoes Dallas 2001 - Stride Rite

Readers' Choice: Stride Rite
What makes this Preston Center location a veritable institution for children's walking wear are soft-sell salespeople, a snazzy selection and all the lollipops you can grab as a reward for good behavior. That's your kid's, not yours. A small play area with toys and TV can entertain those extra children who have been momentarily put on hold. Or plan for a kid haircut with Ginger et al., before or after the actual shopping. Be prepared to wait on weekends and back-to-school days.

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I agree that the kids hair salon at Stride Rite is a good place to get hair cuts for kids but I have to say that I have gotten consistently bad service at the shoe store. My kids have gottent sized wrong, been sold defective shoes and the customer service when I have tried to have the mistake corrected is downright rude. Shame on me for going back one time too many but it won't happen again. They have lost my business.