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Best Massage Therapist Dallas 2001 - Rose Ernst

We are not talkin' anything but registered massage therapy here--the kind that can promote circulation, reduce stress and possibly build the immune system if your belief system will take you that far. Rose Ernst has been quietly plying her trade in Lakewood for the last 20 years, using aromatherapy, a deeper variation of Swedish massage--whatever works to get more flexibility in your body and greater awareness in your mind. Her $85 sessions are supposed to last an hour, but with the stress levels she sees, with the misalignments she readjusts, you're done when she's done. So shut up, lie still and enjoy it.

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Just visited Therapeutic Treatment Massage on 09/12/07, it was a great massage. Shannon helped my back and shoulders out alot, I tried a Thai massage with some Deep Tissue and the stretches along with Deep Tissue, Has helped my back alot. I would recommend her.

Tom Simmons
Tom Simmons

Try out Therapeutic Treatment Massage. Shannon is a great massage therapist and she really knows how to work out the kinks! She is great at Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Reflexology! She has a nice, clean office location in North Dallas. She has been a therapist for 5 years! So I recommend her to everyone seeking a serious, therapeutic massage!


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