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Best Radio DJ Dallas 2001 - Cindy Scull, KEGL-FM 97.1 "The Eagle"

Readers' Choice: Kidd Kraddick, KHKS-FM 106.1
There's no science to this choice. This is as subjective as "Best of" gets. Here's the story: Many, many years ago, in a time known as "the '80s," there was an amazingly handsome young man who had a crush on the eighth-grade bad girl. She smoked, she had big, wild hair, she cussed a lot. And she liked to rock. She loved Kiss, Judas Priest, Ozzy, anything that qualified as metal-rock back in the day. She wore nothing but black concert T-shirts to school, and she always got backstage. She was also extremely smart, one of the top graduates at her high school who got a full scholarship to college. But she dropped out to become a DJ at the rock-and-roll radio station she grew up listening to. Years later, her secret crush, this handsome young man, would become a famously successful writer, so successful that he now writes "Best of" items for a weekly alternative newspaper. Is that bad little girl Cindy Scull, the whiskey-voiced DJ who spins hard rock from 3 to 7 p.m. every day and puts up shots of herself in bikinis on the Eagle's Web site? No. But she sounds just like her.
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june/Mark's girlfriend
june/Mark's girlfriend

helloToday May 2nd,,my boyfriend sent me a picture of you both embraced taking a pic,,((to close for comfort for me)) but he sent it to me and i was just wonderingsince he sent it to me today/tonight

and i cant find him,,did you happen to have a date with him or something?? or maybe are you dating him as you guys looked pretty cozy??Is their something i may need to know

or was this just a innocent pic of you guys just taking a pic..Im not trying to be anything but to know if their is something i may need to know seems im here in calif and your their with him..n/p if their is but gfor some reason,,i may think you guys might have had a diiner or drink plans tonight..

i really would like to hear back from you as i am hoping this is just a close hug,hug close for comfort as you taking pics with people as a dj..and if its not jsut let me know that you guys had fun..nothing more intended,,Like i told him maybe i should go to the harly shop and have the guys wrap their arms tightly aaroung me and see if he likes it as i didnt think the comfy cozy part needed to be that close,,Idoubt that it was anything but a friendly welcome but since it was sent to me i havent heard from him and its not like him so i thought maybe you took my great sweetheart out on the town,, smiling so dont take this any different than just a few questions,,jsut in case i dont know him like i thought i have ..i can and am listening to your channel here in calif at the moment too.. awesomejust wondering..thanks for your time and i hope you have a great week..take care love june from calif..

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