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Best Sunday-night Crowd Dallas 2001 - The Cavern (upstairs lounge) - CLOSED

The Cavern (upstairs lounge)

The Cavern (upstairs lounge)

1914 Greenville Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206


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Ricki Derek doesn't look much like Sinatra, but he sounds kinda like him and, goodness, does he bring out a quirky crowd. Under his surreal crooning the bar becomes a haven for those who would rather be disemboweled by butter knives than go to the Beagle next door. There is no stereotype for the kind of person who enjoys Sinatra impersonators; they come from all walks of life, every social strata. In the dark confines of The Cavern you'll find drug-addled hipsters, aging swingers with tacky shirts and neighborhood types having a post-barbecue pint.

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