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Best Sushi Dallas 2001 - Teppo Yakatori Sushi Bar

Teppo Yakatori Sushi Bar

Teppo Yakatori Sushi Bar

2014 Greenville Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206


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Readers' Choice: Blue Fish, 3519 Greenville Ave. , 214-824-3474
Impeccable execution is the key to superb sushi. That, and a disciplined reverence for presentation and service. Teppo, which means iron cuisine, embraces all of these things. Teppo sushi is briny, cool, firm and moist--from the sea urchin to the octopus. The Teppo roll is a glorious thing of fleshy vibrancy. The core is a rich rose of salmon mingled with cucumber and carrot threads. The exterior is draped with sheets of yellow tail and sections of avocado with the edges punctuated with sesame seeds. It's a sensory barrage of balanced flavor and textural elegance. And it's no doubt rich in iron, too.
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