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Best Bowling Alley Dallas 2002 - Don Carter's All Star Lanes

Readers' Choice: Bronco Bowl, 2600 Fort Worth Ave., 214-943-8088
We bet you didn't know this, but the Professional Bowlers Association is trying very hard to make bowling hip again. We're not sure how they're doing, although we suspect a Legends Tournament with Britney Spears and that hunk from Dawson's Creek would be a good way to start. But we like bowling because it's tragically unhip. To us, it is a sport that invariably conjures up fond memories of Laverne and Shirley, not to mention icy cans of Milwaukee's Best. Maybe Coors Light is a better choice in Texas, but the theory is the same: Bowling is an easy, affordable entertainment option for all ages, and Don Carter's All Star Lanes is the city's best place to roll away a night or, if you really get hooked, sign up for more committed league play. Who knows? That Burleson gal from American Idol may be on your team.

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Shirley Hawthorne
Shirley Hawthorne

I would like to come to your bowling center and take pictures of couples, teams, league winners, etc. I would have the ability to take pictures (professional), print and place in a matted folder (with your center's logo) on the spot. I would appreciate your permission as well as input on how you think it would go over. It might make it exciting, who knows? There's no "LaVerne" but you can bring back "Shirley." :)Shirley Hawthorne


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