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Best Place to Turn Japanese Dallas 2002 - Texas Sumo Game Rental

Listen up, fatty, you've had a lifetime of hard work hefting longnecks and munching chicken-fried anything, so why not put that well-earned gut to a little use and try your hand at the Japanese art of sumo wrestling? (That is, if you can call two really big guys bumping bellies an art form. We would, at least to the wrestlers' faces.) Thanks to this game-rental company, even svelte folk can get in on the action. Texas Sumo provides padded vinyl fat suits--complete with helmets with top-knots--mats and referees for pretend sumo bouts, popular for birthday parties, corporate gatherings and the occasional church group. (Must come in handy for settling those thorny doctrinal debates.) The company also rents a wide array of inflatable carnival games, climbing walls and such (see But for our money, bumbling around in fat suits promises the most fun--just perfect for that big formal wedding reception.
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These folks have the best of the best when it comes to Party game rentals .. Thanks for making our party one that Will NOT be easily forgotten.


So any Pin the Tail on the Pong players ..lefty?


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