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Best Soup Dallas 2002 - Metropolitan Café

Metropolitan Café

Metropolitan Café

2032 Main St.

Dallas, TX 75201


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It's the kind of mouthwatering soup that would make Seinfeld's Soup Nazi (admit it, you watch the reruns) jealous with rage. Only it's prepared by a soft-spoken, gentle mom (Christine Vouras), using family recipes that she once served at one of Dallas' swankiest restaurants, Chateaubriand (1958-1982). Her only problem is selecting two soups a day from among her 21 recipes to meet the desires of the regulars at the Metropolitan Café, an urban outpost along downtown's edge, next to the old municipal courthouse. Whether it's a hot winter broth, such as lentil or chicken gumbo, or a cool summer soup, such as cucumber or gazpacho, the ingredients are fresh, tasty, natural and healthful, a frothy alternative for those who wish to drink their lunch and stay sober.

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Arthur's in Addison and St. Martin's on Greenville (they are sister restaurants) make the most amazing Champagne Brie Soup you'll ever have!

Jimmy Vouras
Jimmy Vouras

Christine: before I start, I would like to take this this time to give you and family my humblist appoligies for my stupity and lack of Following Jesus as He requires of us all.

I think of all the ways I put my heart against you, forgetting the road of humbleness, sincerity and Love that is required of us all: I am only asking for forgiveness from the entire family. As well forgive each and everyone that came against me in any manner. And I am asking Jesus to forgive us all. Amen!

I probably don't have much time left here on this stumbling ground... Although, Jesus is using me to give my heart to all who are willing to listen. I don't want to see any one to go to the fire pit that Satan is building as we speak.

As well all those who don't know Jesus: yet, not serving Him as our ONLY entrance into the wonderment of love & happiness for eterniy. Amen!

I hope and pray that all your family will be with Him for eternity... Amen!

Well I guess I better hit the hay... Have a strong day forth coming...

Till I hear from you, my Jesus have His Blood applied to you lifes...



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