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Best Tejano Club Dallas 2002 - Escapade 2001

Escapade 2001

Escapade 2001

10701 Finell St.

Dallas, TX 75220


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Readers' Choice: Club Babalu, 2912 McKinney Ave., 214-953-0300

Along with its sister club, Escapade 2009, Escapade 2001 is the No. 1 destination for Dallas' swelling Latino population (the people who've made KNOL-FM one of the highest-rated radio stations in the area) every weekend, the place to go for people looking to blow off steam by dancing to ranchera and cumbia music. And there are quite a few of them: Every Friday through Sunday--the only nights Escapade 2001 is open--the parking lot outside rivals that of a Mavericks game, and the bar receipts routinely top the list of drinking establishments in the city. With that many people voting yes, who are we to say no?

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Escapade 2001 is not the top Tejano club in Dallas, it's not even a Tejano club. They very rarely bring Tejano groups in town. They do not advertise in local Tejano magazines or Tejano websites... They are as much Tejano as they are Country.


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